NORD-NORGE // Narvik of the North

Narvik is an industrial city of Northern Norway, but it is also definitely worth a visit! Pack your woollen sweather and hiking shoes... And don't forget your heels!

NORD-NORGE // Tromsø From Above

Ever wondered what this Arctic beauty looks like from above? Here you go!

NORTHERN NORWAY // Autumn Has Never Been Prettier! Hornneset, Nordland, Norway (12 photos)

Hornneset. Paradise on earth? An "unknown" Pearl on the coast of Northerh Norway. But the locals have claimed it to be their favourite hike destination. No wonder why... Check out: 31 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Meløy (Which You Probably Haven't Heard Of) Enjoy these pictures of a nordic autumn...   Now… Fortsett å lese NORTHERN NORWAY // Autumn Has Never Been Prettier! Hornneset, Nordland, Norway (12 photos)

NORWAY // Gaustatoppen [GALLERY]

What? Camping and mountain hiking weeked Where? From Oslo via Austbygdi to Gaustatoppen When? 8th-9th of July Who? Two Norwegians and one Brazilian Why? To explore, get more out of the weekend, and to show off Norway's beautiful nature to our Brazilian friend! ******************* We packed our backpacks Saturday morning and took off for a… Fortsett å lese NORWAY // Gaustatoppen [GALLERY]

OSLO // Tips til naturlig helgetur for Oslo-folk

Oslo-folk: Ta helgeutflukten til Telemark! Begynner du å bli lei overfylte Sørenga, Nordmarka eller Hovedøya? Gi deg selv og vennen(e) dine en skikkelig opplevelse - bare noen timer unna. Vi dro til Gaustatoppen! Tekst: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr Foto: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr, Mariana Motta Du trenger: Telt, liggeunderlag, sovepose (vi fikk plass til tre stykk i… Fortsett å lese OSLO // Tips til naturlig helgetur for Oslo-folk