NORD-NORGE // Narvik of the North

Narvik is an industrial city of Northern Norway, but it is also definitely worth a visit!

Pack your woollen sweather and hiking shoes… And don’t forget your heels!narvik (1)


From Wikiepdia

  • Narvik is the 3rd biggest city and municipality in the Nordland region.
  • Population (2017) of the municipality is 18 756.
  • Narvik city has about 14 300 inhabitants.
  • Ore export from Sweden is the most important industry.
narvik (2)
Ankernes to the left, Narvik center to the right. These ships transport the of ore from Sweden, through Narvik, to the world.

The city has since 1902 been the most important harbor of ore export from the mines in Kiruna (Sweden) because the water in the harbor never freezes (!). 

narvik (5)
Birthe was my wonderful host this weekend in October.

Useful websites:

narvik (4)
Between the autumn leaves.

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narvik (3)
Follow the blonde girl! 😉

Narvik in the world:

I visited my good friend (and dance partner in crime) Birthe in the middle of October 2017.


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  1. Tilbaketråkk: Tromsø From Above

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