hiking the Atlas mountains

digging ditches with natives in Bolivia

sleeping in the backyard of someone me met on thevan while backpacking the Philippines

travelling South Korea from north to south

riding a jeep in the desert of Dubai

living in Mexico with mexicans for 4 months

as well as having our postal adress both in Czech Republic, Spain and Italy…

well, we figured it’s about time to CREATE something!

Michael and Synnøve live and travel together.

Mike comes up with crazy travel ideas, does all the planning, and then Sunny writes about it and shares it.

What we wish is to inspire you to, not only travel more, but travel deeper: dive into cultures, talk to people, get to know them and their values, learn more about the world and last but not least: yourself.

Romania September 2017. Photo: Beate Zahl

The word «fara» is norse for «travel», and «folk» is (obviously) «folk». We put those two words together and got «travelling people»: Farafolk.

Not already a traveller? Let us inspire you to become one!

Oslo, Norway
1st of September 2015
Michael Berg and Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr


If not marked otherwise: all photos are taken by us.
Some content will be in English, and some will be in Norwegian.