NORD-NORGE // Tromsø From Above

Ever wondered what this Arctic beauty looks like from above? Here you go!

I visited my dear friend Sofie the first weekend of November 2017. 

2017-11-05 12.38.42
In the middle – a bit to the left – in the picture, you can see Ishavskatedralen, the Arctic Catherdral.

In love with the north? Check out this city too!

2017-11-05 12.38.37
View of Tromsdalen.
2017-11-05 12.30.41
Tromsø from the top of Storsteinen. The water separating the island (Tromsø) and the Mainland (Tromsdalen) is the strait of Tromsø; Tromsøysundet.


from Wikipedia

Tromsø is a city and a municipality in the Troms region. Tromsø municipality is the second most populated municipality in Northern Norway, and the 9th biggest municipality in Norway.  
  • Population:
    • 74 541 (2017)
  • Size:
    • 2 521 km²
2017-11-05 12.42.00
Tromsø from above!

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2017-11-05 12.38.49
Arctic landscape.

Very useful web sites:

Tromsø and the world

NB: If you are going to Tromsø… Make sure you are one of those people who love nature. Because if you do – you will never regret! ❤

Lots of travel love!


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