NORTHERN NORWAY // How Do I Get To Meløy?

There’s a place up north: A quick guide to Meløy


Meløy is a municipality (and an island) in the region of Nordland, Northern Norway.

Probably one of the most beautiful places on earth.

It’s still very authentic and not too touristy, maybe because it takes some time getting there… (But so does Lofoten, and it’s so worth it!)



  1. Get to Oslo (Capital of Norway)
    (where you should stay for a day or two, because it’s a beautiful city!)
  2. OSLO > BODØ
    1. By plane for 1,5 hours With SAS or Norwegian.
      (BIG TIP: Write «under26» in the white space at the end of the page where you choose your dates. Gets a lot cheaper! …if you are under 26 years.)
    2. By train for 18 hours (!) to Bodø.
    1. By bus for 2,5-3 hours (depending on the weather)
    2. By boat for 1,5 hours
    3. Bus and boat depart from the same place, down by the harbour.

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In Meløy, there are not too many places to sleep, it’s most common to drive or bike through, with maybe one stop over. But there’s so much to do, and you should definetely stay for longer. My best avice is to stay at Vassdalsvik Sea Lodge – it will give you an experience of a lifetime!

Or how about waking up to a glacier? But – you should bring a tent! Or a camper van 😉 And also – try AirBnb or Couchsurfing.

There are also several camping sites and two hotels.

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