NORTHERN NORWAY // 31 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Meløy (which you probably haven’t heard of)

NORWAY: Ever heard about Meløy? Not? Well, it’s about time.

Fly 1,5 hours north from Oslo, go by car or boat about 1,5 – 2 hours south along the coast. There you are – in Meløy.

Which, by the way, is my childhood home.

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Few people, lots of nature

Meløy is a municipality of aprox. 6000 inhabitants and villages like Reipå, Ørnes, Glomfjord, Halsa, and Vassdalsvik. You’ve probably never heard of any of them, because these villages are very small. But not small when it comes to nature.

Some of these Pictures are from the municipality «next door»; Gildeskål.

You will love Getting Funky In A Fjord (dance video)

Forget about Lofoten

Lofoten is one of the biggest tourists attractions in Norway (no wonder why, it’s extremely beautiful up there!) But forget about it. It’s too crowded. Too much tourism. Go somewhere new! Want to see an authentic, beautiful side of Northern Norway?

You know where to go.

(Yes, we’ve got the Northern lights too.)

My moments

Here are some moments from my July summer of 2017 in Meløy. (Unfortunately, there are a couple of rainy days up here as well, I just never take pictures of them…

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If not written otherwise, all photos: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr.



Meløy even has it’s own glacier! I didn’t go there this year, but I sure did last year…  (This post is in Norwegian, but check out the pictures!)

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