NORWAY // Gaustatoppen [GALLERY]

Camping and mountain hiking weeked

From Oslo via Austbygdi to Gaustatoppen

8th-9th of July

Two Norwegians and one Brazilian

To explore, get more out of the weekend, and to show off Norway’s beautiful nature to our Brazilian friend!


We packed our backpacks Saturday morning and took off for a wonderful experience:

Roadtrip, sing-along, camping, barbequing, morning swim, laughs and a challeging mountain hike! Enjoy our pictures from the trip and get inspired to pack your own backpack!

Click on the first picture to open slide show in chronological order.

Her kan du lese mer om turen vår til Gaustatoppen!
Veibeskrivelse, kart, overnatting, med mer!

Even though it was too cloudy on the top to see anything, the trip was amazing.

Get out of your comfort zone! 😉 

Mariana, Michael and Synnøve 

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