NORTHERN NORWAY // 31 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Meløy (which you probably haven’t heard of)

NORWAY: Ever heard about Meløy? Not? Well, it's about time. 


NORWAY // Gaustatoppen [GALLERY]

What? Camping and mountain hiking weeked Where? From Oslo via Austbygdi to Gaustatoppen When? 8th-9th of July Who? Two Norwegians and one Brazilian Why? To explore, get more out of the weekend, and to show off Norway's beautiful nature to our Brazilian friend! ******************* We packed our backpacks Saturday morning and took off for a… Fortsett å lese NORWAY // Gaustatoppen [GALLERY]

Vi skal til Island!

...og må få med 2 telt, 4 soveposer, 4 liggeunderlag og tilhørende sko, klær og utstyr for 12 dager på flyet... Har laga pakkeliste, for å si det sånn!