MEXICO // Tlaquepaque – art and mariachi

The name is almost impossible to pronounce, but the Mexican beauty Tlaquepaque is handcraft, art, music and gastronomy at it's best... Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico // December 2017 Guadalajara is one of the biggest cities of Mexico, and - naturally - doesn't have that charming village feeling many Mexican small towns have. But! Tlaquepaque has exactly… Fortsett å lese MEXICO // Tlaquepaque – art and mariachi

ICELAND // Travel Movie [VIDEO]

Thinking about going to Iceland? Siso from Mexico, Carina from Texas, Michael and I went on a unforgettable trip to Iceland last summer. We didn't plan on making a movie, but I decided to put the clips together anyway - and see what I could make of it. Enjoy the result! (And watch until the… Fortsett å lese ICELAND // Travel Movie [VIDEO]