MEXICO // Tlaquepaque – art and mariachi

The name is almost impossible to pronounce, but the Mexican beauty Tlaquepaque is handcraft, art, music and gastronomy at it’s best…

Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara, Mexico // December 2017

Guadalajara is one of the biggest cities of Mexico, and – naturally – doesn’t have that charming village feeling many Mexican small towns have.


Tlaquepaque has exactly that feeling, and is only 20 minutes outside Guaralajara city.

You won’t believe your eyes when you’ve just left the busy busy highway of Guadalajara, and enter…


tlaquepaque (10)
Woman dancing to the mariachi Music outside the restaurant «El Patio» – known for it’s female mariachi show with music and dance.

The very essence of Mexico:






…everything you’d ever need for a perfect Mexican day.

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tlaquepaque (6)
The old town of Tlaquepaque in colonial style. Beautiful and excotic.
tlaquepaque (7)
Shopping and photos is a must! 🙂
tlaquepaque (1)
Have your pesos ready – along the streets in Tlaquepaque there are many many many beautiful things to buy – all made by hand. Real artesanal!
tlaquepaque (2)
Like this man, who’s making rings, bracelets, earrings and other things With his own hands right here on the street.

tlaquepaque (3)

tlaquepaque (4)
We went all crazy with the shopping! I knew we would… With our wonderful Mexican Family Cristina from the left, Mike, Francisco and Norma ❤
tlaquepaque (5)
Elotes are «street corn», and Mexicans love it.

Mexico is, like many other Latin American countries, known for it’s handcraft.

Here in Tlaquepaque you can ofte be pretty sure that the people behind the table is the creator of the handcraft, and that the money oo directly to them.

All you need to do is to ask!

Mexicans are very open and friendly.

tlaquepaque (16)

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tlaquepaque (15)
These dolls can be seen everywhere.


Dance & mariachi

The restaurant «El Patio» is known for it’s mariachi and Dance show, and we were so Lucky to see it this time!

It’s a firework – lots of dance, wonderful dresses, singing, trumpets and guitars playing – this is the part where you wonder if you’ve ended up in a Mexican movie.


tlaquepaque (14)
In this show, there were almost female dancers – except one man! They danced with him and waved their big skirts all over.

tlaquepaque (13)

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tlaquepaque (12)
Yes – this is actually inside the restaurant! El Patio means The Backyard, and that’s exactly what the restaurant has. The dancer looks like an excotic bird!
tlaquepaque (11)
The only male dancer and the female mariachi. Normally, mariachi are men, but in this restaurant, they are only women! They play the violin, guitar, trumpets… And they sing too!

tlaquepaque (9)

tlaquepaque (8)
Another typical Mexican thing: The Sugar Skull. In the main shopping street of Tlaquepaque Old Town, you can see exhibitions of artwork everywhere. Like this one!
tlaquepaque (17)
Art is everywhere, even street performances! We found Don Quijote!


Tlaquepaque is Mexico in a nutshell.

It’s charming atmosphere and art, music, handcraft and dance everywhere makes this city one of our favourites!



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