USA // Miami, my love

Miami Beach. Just like in the movies.


I went for a (way too) short trip to Miami with my colleagues from work (nice workplace, huh??)  – and we stayed in the middle of Miami Beach (not far from Ocean Drive) for only 2,5 days.

But it was worth it. 

I was surprised – the streets were clean, people were crazy, and colors were everywhere.

Sunny, beautiful and expensive.

Just like in the movies!

We went in the end of April 2018, and the weather was amazing. 26-28 degrees, sunny, breeze and not too humid.

So – if you haven’t experienced this place yet, you should.


miami (11)
Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.
miami (6)
Tropical island between Miami City and Miami Beach.
miami (14)
Palms and pavement.
miami (16)
Scooter love!
miami (18)
Happy blondie
miami (4)
I was amazed by the bridges!
miami (7)
«Welcome to heaven…»
Our beautiful boat!
miami (9)
Lazy days by the pool..
miami (3)
…and by the ocean! 🙂
miami (10)
Our hotel – Marseilles Hotel. Nice one!
miami (5)
So freaking excotic.
miami (17)
Hotel roof view!
miami (8)
I went for a run along Miami Beach. Hot – but lovely!
miami (12)
Always summer.
miami (13)
Miami Beach.
miami (2)
Beer and beach – perfect!
miami (15)
Streets of Miami.

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