ICELAND // Travel Movie [VIDEO]

Thinking about going to Iceland? Siso from Mexico, Carina from Texas, Michael and I went on a unforgettable trip to Iceland last summer. We didn’t plan on making a movie, but I decided to put the clips together anyway – and see what I could make of it. Enjoy the result! (And watch until the … Mer ICELAND // Travel Movie [VIDEO]

«Don’t plan every single step of the way»

Meet Domantas! Read about why he travels and how we would spend his days if he didn’t need money… Couchsurfing doesn’t seem so scary now? (The only scary in these pictures are Michael and I…) … Mer «Don’t plan every single step of the way»

7 reasons to go to Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia. September 2016 (4 days). Summer or winter? Doesn’t matter! In Tallinn there’s something for every season, from beach life to Christmas markeds!   Where? Tallinn, Estonia. When? Anytime, basically! Go in summer for beach life, shopping, city life, parks, and horse back riding in the national park. Go in Christmas for saunas, medieval atmosphere with special … Mer 7 reasons to go to Tallinn