7 reasons to go to Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia. September 2016 (4 days).

Summer or winter? Doesn’t matter!
In Tallinn there’s something for every season,
from beach life to Christmas markeds!


Where? Tallinn, Estonia.

When? Anytime, basically! Go in summer for beach life, shopping, city life, parks, and horse back riding in the national park. Go in Christmas for saunas, medieval atmosphere with special foods, drinks and markeds.

Why? Because of beautiful cafés, shops, art galleries and medieval feeling. Narrow streets, saunas, markeds and good food. Aaaand beach, parks and creative atmosphere!

These are our advices:

  1.  Tallinn Old Town
    …or «Vanalinn» as locals say («linn» means «town», and «vana» means «old»)» with its Toompea hill and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Medieval feeling with a view! In the Old Town you find historic museums, art museums, restaurants (have a glass of hot wine at Olde Hansa), cafés, shops with beautiful handcraft and local specialities.


  2. Shopping
    Tallinn is great for shopping. Just outside of the Old Town (east), there are many malls with both international and Estonian shops.
  3. Spa and sauna
    When you go to Estonia, you’ll see that the country is much more alike Finland than Russia, Latvia or Lithuania – both in culture and language. So they obviously have saunas, like the Finns! Many hotels have their own sauna and spa, and it’s often open for others too. We went to Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel, but they were renovating (we got to use some parts of it), so make sure they’re all done if you go.

    There’s even a street called «Sauna» in the Old Town, which is a good street for dining and drinks! Try FRANK’S!

    A refreshing glass of Estonian cider at FRANK’S. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr.

    At FRANK’S. Photo: Michael Hammelow-Berg.
  4. Kadriorg Palace with parks
    This palace was built for Catherine the 1st of Russia by Peter the Great. Peter himself lived in a small house on the other side of the park. Go for a walk, some pictures, and remember the beautiful Japanese garden as well as the other parks in the area. Get there by tram.

    Photo: Michael Hammelow-Berg.

    Kadriorg Palace. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr
  5.  Pirita beach 
    A short bus ride north east of Tallinn is Pirita. Make sure you have at least one entire day out here if you go in summer time – just because it’s a beach!
  6. Telliskivi 
    A cool place for young creatives a bit west of the Old Town. Go here for drinks, food, urban art, art shop, performances and exhibitions. Just next to the Baltic Train Station!
  7. Lahemaa National Park
    Bring your boots, water and some snacks and get lost in the beautiful woods! Aprox. 1 hour drive from Tallinn eastwards. Grab bus line 811. And if you have the time, go horse back riding!
Lahemaa National Park. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr
Lahemaa National Park. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr
Lahemaa National Park. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr
Lahemaa National Park. Photo: Synnøve Sundby Fallmyr


– Public transport is free for every citizen, but tourists have to pay. You easily pay directly on the tram or bus to the driver, just put the money in the small hatch (2 eur for adults, 1 for students).
– The tourist information is in the middle of the Old Town.
– From airport to city center: Grab bus number 2 or 244 and pay on the bus. Duration: 20-30 minutes.
Read more on www.visitestonia.com



> Is there anything we have missed or that we should replace? 

> What’s your favorite place/thing to do in Tallinn? 

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