«Don’t plan every single step of the way»

Couchsurfer’s stories

We have the impression that many people are skeptical
of the Couchsurfing idea. In these short interviews,
we try to show that couchsurfer’s are mostly
normal people and that it’s actually a brilliant idea.
– Michael and Synnøve


Meet Domantas (21) from Lithuania! 

This fantastic guy spend only 1 night with us on his way from Lithuania to the US, but we sure got time to have some fun!

Surf time and location:
Oslo, 6.-7. juni 2015

Came from:
Vilnius, Lithuania

Going to:
San Fransisco!

Size of your backpack:
– It’s fucking huge!

Vegetarian? (We have a theory that travelers are most likely to be vegetarians)
– No.

Any favourite drink and food?
– Beer and lasagne.

Religion/beliefs/view of life:
– Atheist (not anything, really).


Started to travel… (holidays with family don’t count!)
– When I was about 15 years.

Countries visited:
– Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Norway. Soon the U.S.!

What country has been most difficult for you to travel in?
– Slovakia because of language problems.

What’s your best travelling advice?
– Don’t plan every single step of the way. Improvise!

Tell us about a place we all should experience before we die:
– Lithuania. Because – why not!

Explain us why you travel (and what’s the best thing about travelling?)
– I travel because there is so much to see, and I like how travelling changes the way I see the world. The best thing about travelling is the unknown!

Yes, that bag is pretty huge!


How many times?
– This is my second – the first time was yesterday at some other guy’s place in Oslo!

Why CS?
– Well, I find this way of travelling a lot more interesting than just checking into a hotel. I get to spend my time with locals and I learn a lot from it.

Any weird/bad CS experience?
– Not yet!


Fulfill this sentence: best moments in life are when…
– … you spend your time with the people you like to spend your time with.

If you could be an animal…
– Then I’d be a hawk!

Choose: all instruments or all languages in the world?
– I’d choose all languages. Very convenient!

How would you spend your days if you didn’t need money?
– In my case my dream was to become a fighter pilot, but my sight is not good enough – so money is not the reason why I didn’t choose that path.

We wanted a crazy photoshoot (obviously) and Domanta’s like «ooook, leaving today, stay cool…»
«What the actual fuck…»

We actually saw Domantas twice after this! (We didn’t completely scare him off!) Michael went to Vilnius with a friend, and together they hang out with Domantas last year.

In November 2016, Michael and Synnøve went with two friends and we all had dinner and some beers together. We love it when the locals show us around, they know the best places!

Our man in the middle! 1,5 years later in Vilnius! From left: Vanja, Peder, Domantas, Michael, Synnøve



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