Gallery: Iceland

Ever had that feeling that you’re on another planet?
No? Well – Iceland will provide it!


2 Norwegians
1 Mexican
1 Texan
12 days
2 tents
1 car

…and an unknown number of waterfalls, lava fields, glaciers and sheep.

June 2016


From the left: Our Mexican (and beloved) sherpa Siso, (tried to be) controll freak Synnøve, always-cold-girl Carina from Texas – and master driver Michael! We’re ready to roll!
Our travel route! To be recommended! There’s a million tihngs to do in the south, so be sure to prioritize this area. We went from Reykjavik towards east.


Cheers to Iceland! What a country!
Cold, beautiful, strange, extreme
– and everything in between.

Peace out!
Mike & Sunny

Got any questions about our journey?
Post it below, write us an e-mail, contact us on Facebook… 
And we’ll be happy to reply!

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